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Re: The Seachem Flourishes

I have a bunch of questions regarding the use of Flourish. Back in the day,
it was quite easy...there was just Flourish. Now there is a Flourish focusing
on almost every single nutrient. I'm not complaining mind you, just
remarking at the number of choices we are presented with as consumers.

I would like to know this too! Sure, I have bought all of the Flourish products (except phosphorous), and use them all, but, I too am wondering just how much DO I need all of which I currently use? Regular Flourish has all of the components you can buy seperately. If the trace, iron, and potassium, and nitrate can be supplemented (as in PMDD and with the single nutrient Flourish products) without phosphates of any form (as in regular Flourish), why even use regular Flourish? Why not just use Flourish Trace, Iron, Nitrogen and Potassium? I guess I can see the rationale of "If you are a little low on just one of these, why not just add that one deficient nutrient rather than ALL of them with regular Flourish." But, I can also argue for "If all of this is in regular Flourish, why do we need all of the individual nutrients." My only guess here is that regular Flourish is more oriented towards a person who just happens to have plants in his fish tank, while the individual nutrients are marketed more towards someone who likes his plants possibly more than his fish, or who likes to tinker with his chemistry (both the former and the latter apply to myself). As with the writer above, I am not complaining about anything...this is not a flame in ANY way. I am just a confused newbie looking to simplify my fertilization routine.



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