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Plant ID

How does one get an id of a plant that the list can't identify?  Should I
try to contact someone at a local university, or should I e-mail someone
like Christel Kasselmann.  If anyone here wants to give it another try I
have quite a few photos of it on my web site (
http://users.ev1.net/~spituch/y/y.html ) .  On the web page its unknown
plant #1.  Leaves are as much as 52 mm long by 19 mm wide and most of the
new leaves are very red..  If its Ludwigia, its the biggest I've seen and I
figure would be unusual down here.  To me its a great find.  I just would
like to know what it is.  Because it is easy to grow I've now have enough of
the plant to send to someone qualified to id it.

Steve Pituch