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The Seachem Flourishes

Hello all,

I have a bunch of questions regarding the use of Flourish.  Back in the day, 
it was quite easy...there was just Flourish.  Now there is a Flourish focusing 
on almost every single nutrient.  I'm not complaining mind you, just 
remarking at the number of choices we are presented with as consumers.  

Now there is Flourish Trace, focusing on trace elements.  My question is - If 
Flourish Trace focuses on trace elements, then what does the original 
Flourish do for you???  Does Flourish Trace focus on a different subset of trace 
elements,  or is it just a more concentrated version of the original Flourish.  
Personally, I always thought I was adding the original Flourish for the trace 
elements it contained.  Imagine my surprise when Flourish Trace popped up...

I am actually a big fan of Flourish.  I currently use Flourish and Flourish 
Iron, although sparingly since I am unclear as to how much is actually needed.  
That leads me to rest of my questions.  All other things being nominal:

How often should you dose?

When is it better to dose, the light or dark cycle of the tank?

How much to dose (on the high or low side)?

Now I know there are no simple answers to my questions.  I'm just looking for 
opinions (from experience) on what has worked best for other hobbyists.  I 
know I could run out and buy test kits to further quantify my aquarium's needs, 
but I'm saving up for more trace elements which my plants may or may not be 
getting currently. 

Thanks everyone.


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