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Fish & Flourite Dust (Was How Much to Buy & How to Wash)

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone's advices thru APD & private
emails.  Your inputs are invaluable.  I now know how
much Flourite to buy for my 72G (4 if I want to mix
gravel, or up to 8 otherwise).  And in theory I also
know how to rinse these magic pebbles properly. :P

Mission Impossible for me is to rip my existing tank
apart, move it, along with fishes & plants, from a
house to a 15th flr apt (at least the drive is only
10min), and set it up again.  All in 1 day.  Oh did I
mention netting about 50+ fishes (including my torpedo
SAEs) out of the tank first?  BTW I do plan to wash &
store the Flourite in buckets in advance to cut down
setup time.

Q# 1: depending on how much or little of a mess I
make, I understand the tank water could be anywhere
from somewhat cloudy with Flourite dust to resembling
chocolate milk.  Is it safe (and humane) to dump my
fishes into the tank right away? (FYI angels, rams,
gouramis, tetras, corys, plecos, ottos, SAEs)

Q# 2: newbie Flourite user question.  Will the Fe
level in the water column ever reach a saturation
point, or would Flourite keep leeching more & more Fe
(beyond the 0.1-1.0ppm most people aim for) if I don't
do frequent water changes?  If so will this affect my
plants & fishes?



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