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Re: Dusting off the Flourite Issue

I guess we should keep in mind that the amount of dust in
any given bag of Flurite is not necessarily the same as in
any other.  The amount of handling can have a substantial
effect on the creation of dust.  The bags you've been
getting might have been much "cleaner" than those others
have gotten.

I know I have gotten some bags that were so old the plastic
seemed to have noticeably aged.  I would have chalked that
up to ultraviolet exposure from sunlight except that the
"brittleness" was consistent on all sides.

These old bags might have been handled more, and that might
explain why they were dustier than others I've rinshed.

But even then, I didn't rinse and rinse and rinse and
rinse, etc.

Yet, I can imagine bags having much more dust than I have
come across.

Scott H.

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