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Re: Wet/dry filter

Thomas Barr answered a question about using a wet/dry and

> > How should I set it up?
> >Is it better to inject the co2 through the
> > wet/dry?
> Yes. And fed the output right into the return pump's
> suction side.
> This will reduce the cross mixing and increase
> efficiency.

I'm confused.  What difference in efficiency does it make
to have the CO2 reactor output feed into the sump pump
suction side rather than go directly into the aquarium?  Is
this your recommendation for gravel tube type reactors or
all CO2 reactors?

With an external reactor, I don't see why feeding directly
into the tank would be less efficient.

Or is this a recommendation for feeding a CO2 gas line
directly into the sump suction side?

Scott H.

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