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    Hello all,
    This is the first time that I have asked for help from the group, I couldn't find anything in the archives and I know someone out there can help. HERE  GOES. I'm thinking about setting up an above ground 85 gal. pond,where I'm thinking about putting it, it will get about 4 hours of direct sun , what plants would,  or could  I use and would I need gravel.  I was thinking about swordtails, some corydoras catfish and a few molly's in the way of fish, no filter or air pump. After I get it set up would I need to do water changes?, If so, how often and how much. Also how many fish do you think I should have in the pond?? Are there better fish than the above that you would have?
   I live in New Jersey so I'll be taking the fish in or selling them off in mid October just before it gets cold.
  Thank you for any input, it will be of great help    

                                       Jim                           jersyjim47 at hotmail_com


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