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Re: Problems with Flourite Dust

I am a little suprised to read all this about difficulties washing Flourite.  Here is what I do and it seems pretty quick, easy and effective (maybe I have just been lucky).  I have a 2x2x2 laundry tub/sink in my basement.  I put a whole bag of Flourite in a 5 gallon bucket, set the bucket in the sink, and run water into it as fast as it will come out of the faucette.  I swirl the Flourite around in the bottom 2/3rds of the bucket with my hand while the water overflows into the sink.  I try to use enough circular/diagonal agitation to keep most of the Flourite in suspension/motion without losing any over the top rim of the bucket.  I do this until the water runs clear enough...probably under five minutes.  Since the Flourite is "fluidized", it is not crashing together enough to produce more dust.   Five gallon buckets are cheap at Home Depot and this could also be done outside with a garden hose if you do not have a big sink.   It might be important to flow the water into th!
 e top of the bucket rather than putting the hose into the bucket to keep from losing Flouite, so you might need another person to hold the hose. Good luck 
Jim Stimmel

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