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Re: my ugly powerhead

> Setting up my first plant tank, I purchased a Rio 2100 to feed a Reactor
> 1000. I have two Eheim 2224s which did not supply the minimum g/hr for the
> reactor, so I got the powerhead to drive the CO2 system. I originally
> planned on putting the powerhead in my sump tank and let it return through
> the reactor, but the LFS guy said that I should ditch the sump because the
> overflow process would cause too much CO2 loss.

A maxi jet 1200 will do more than enough. Generally this enough to run a
200gal+ tank well. 
How big's the tank in the first place?
> So, what do I do with my butt-ugly powerhead? Is there really too much CO2
> loss with an overflow/sump?

No, simply place the outflow of the reactor directly into the suction side
of the return pump's suction side.

> If so, what is the best and most plant friendly
> way to hide this gargantuan eyesore?  It seems like it has a fair amount of
> pull so I would be nervous about planting anything too close to it.

It's overkill. Maybe for a very large aquarium.
> Anybody know of any powerhead placement pics? I am also looking for an
> optimum and plant-friendly way to structure the return.

Spray bar like the canister filters pointed downward or placed along the
bottom back rear part of the tank pointed slightly downward.
Tom Barr
> Thanks
> Chris