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Re: Wet/dry filter

> Hello, 
> This will be my first planted tank, I have a used 75G tank with wet/dry
> filter. W 50 H 20 D 20. I read that wet/dry filter will remove large
> amount og CO2 if not set up properly.

True, IF not set up properly.

What is the recommended pump GPH I
> should use?

At 4ft of head, about 300GPH to 500GPH so a 450-800GPH pump.
> How should I set it up?
>Is it better to inject the co2 through the
> wet/dry?

Yes. And fed the output right into the return pump's suction side.
This will reduce the cross mixing and increase efficiency.

> What equipment do I need?

A reactor and a power head.
I'm actually selling my wet dry if you are interested.
I have tried many things and cannot keep my shrimps out of the over flow
without putting sponge and fine toothed grates which clog quickly so I'm
selling it(I leave for week or two at time so I cannot leave the tank for
long periods with this set up and shrimp). It's an Amircle prefilter,
Tupperware 20 gal sump, 10 gallon bioball tower and a tupperware drip plate
with plenty of room for any pads or other media you might want. Also have a
nice acrylic CO2 reactor designed specifically for this set up. I can sell
either if you are interested.
I have a Surge 6000 which is about 600GPH flow rate and have a ball valve to
control the flow. 
Pretty new, used a few months.
Tom Barr  

> Thanks 
> Andy