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Re: My ugly powerhead

Warhau asked aobut his reactor 1000, a powerhead he doesn't
want in the tank, and CO2 loss.

> Setting up my first plant tank, I purchased a Rio 2100 to
> feed a Reactor
> 1000. 
Say again what size aquarium.  In any event a Rio 2100
would have been more than plenty for even a 300 gal
aquarium under most circumstances.

> I have two Eheim 2224s which did not supply the
> minimum g/hr for the
> reactor, so I got the powerhead to drive the CO2 system.

The rated free flow output of those filters would have been
more than enough but they probably only do about 75 - 100
gph when faced with tubing, bends, reactor bubble back
pressure, etc.  I assume you tired one of the filters
hooked up to the reactor?  It's worth a try.  Very little
flow is needed if the CO2 rate is relatively low and your
tank doesn't shed CO2 very quickly.  Save the 2100 for the
next big tank you set up.

> I originally
> planned on putting the powerhead in my sump tank and let
> it return through
> the reactor, but the LFS guy said that I should ditch the
> sump because the
> overflow process would cause too much CO2 loss. 

My recent experience is I needed to about double the amount
of CO2 gong in to maintain CO2 levels.  Will cost me about

So you can use a sump and enjoy its benefits at the cost of
more CO2, but by no means is a sump contraindicated if
you're using CO2.  The lfs guy is oversimplifying.

> So, what do I do with my butt-ugly powerhead? Is there
> really too much CO2
> loss with an overflow/sump? 

If you're using a covered overflow and the drain returns
the water to the sump below the water surface, I'd bet the
difference in CO2 use is only about 20-50%.  It's a choice
to make, not a matter of simple fact to learn.

> If so, what is the best and
> most plant friendly
> way to hide this gargantuan eyesore?  It seems like it
> has a fair amount of
> pull so I would be nervous about planting anything too
> close to it. 

I'd try a smaller powerhead if I could get my hands on one.
 The 2100 is a monster.

A well planted tank can hide even a 2100.  Unfortunately,
TAAM Rios have to be used submerged, so you can;t use it
external unless you have a sump of some sort.
> Anybody know of any powerhead placement pics? I am also
> looking for an
> optimum and plant-friendly way to structure the return. 

Behind something big, or a dense planting.

If you want ot get creative you can put inside a length of
pvc to which you have adhered something more attractive --
cork to hold anubias, rocks, gravel, , , ,

Scott H.

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