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Re: herbicides

> Subject: Re: Re: weed control and herbicides
>>> Chemical weedkillers aren't the only method to
>>> deal with weeds in a landscape anymore than CO2 and 5 wpg is the only way to
>>> grow plants under water, they're just
>>> one of the easiest methods.<<
> Then tell me just one method, please! The point is it is not just farmers
> using them, it is millions of people. Weed killers whether chemical or
> biological are the only logical way of dealing with it particularly in a
> large area.

No, not at all. Do you think they used weed killers in Zen gardens in the
past? European gadrens?

I much prefer using native plants and using much more natural landscapes.
These don't need the same weed controls. A natural forest/landscape is a
much better place than a lawn for cost, water usage, electric, time and
labor, far more diverse and ecologically beneficial to the area.
It blends better with the surrounding area.

Too much control of nature for me. I'd rather focus on integrating into
nature. Zen gardens do this.
Biological pest control works in many cases for some weeds.
Salvinia is one example. Generally floating mats of aquatic plants are the
real problem.
> To a landscaper a weed is a plant that interferes with the growth and
> asthetic value of a garden or lawn.
> Does that same criteria apply to a pond?

Pretty much. But what is your value system? Monoculture grass lawn? Natural
forest? Some may enjoy a pond with 70% water hyacinth in bloom. Looks nice
to me. A bass fisher might not think so. Duck hunters might love it. Some
degree of natural ecosystem is the easiest to maintain and most effective in
the long run. Folks view their ideal of the environment from many different

I think many folks driving along the freeways here would view the aquatic
plants as weeds in the ditches. Aquatic plant people would stop and pull
over and dig some up and run off all happy.
There are many other much more effective control methods to aquatic weeds
than herbicides in most all cases. The public generally doesn't like the
idea of a herbicide. Folks are changing their attitudes towards wetlands and
their aquatic plants.

Rather than herbiciding the Ichetucknee river for the water lettuce problem,
they have groups that go along and grab the plants and remove them. A little
weeding is needed. You don't want to kill all the aquatic plants here or
elsewhere but many aquatic weed herbicides do just that.

Tom Barr

> Robert Paul Hudson