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Re: How much Flourite to buy

Should you want 3.5" of substrate depth - 48 x 18 x 3.5 divided by 28 = 108
lbs of Flourite.

The 2" SeaChem states is a general term to let you know how much coverage
you will get out of one bag in a 10 gallon aquarium (IMHO). On the other
hand though, by figuring out the total square inches of your tank bottom
(864) and dividing that by 31 (SeaChem's recommendation below) you come up
with 27.87. Multiplying 27.87 by 2.2 (pounds in one kilo) you get 61.3 lbs.,
which is very close to the figure above for amount of Flourite needed for 2"
of coverage. Perhaps Dr. Morin from SeaChem can confirm or dispel these

Your formula is correct, we state 1kg (2.2 lbs) for each 62 cu. in. which works out to 28.18 lbs/cu.in.

You are correct that four 7kg bags will give you a 2" bed of Flourite but I would think you would want closer to 3.5". Since you're in Canada, take a look at Big Al's to see what prices they have for Flourite. I would also recommend you strengthen your GH and KH by either adding Baking Soda or crushed Oyster Shells or Coral. A KH of less that 1 degree can allow for pH swings. Try to get this to around 3 dKH.

Or Equilibrium? and Alkaline Buffer? ;-) ;-)



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