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How much Flourite to buy for 72G BF

Hi all,

Moving in 1 month & finally have an excuse to redo my
72G BF.  Having 3-4" of pea size gravel as substrate
isn't the best setup for plants (ok it was initially
setup for a fish only tank).

Tank size is 48"x18"x22"h.  Narrower towards the 2
ends since it's a Bow Front.  Using Seachem's
recommended usage, seems like I only need 4 x 7kg bags
(48x18=864; 864/31=28kg):

"Each 7 kg (15.4 lbs) bag is sufficient for about a 2
inch deep bed in a typical 10 gallon tank. Recommended
use is 1 kg for about each 200 cm2 (31 in2) of tank

1) Am I reading this correctly?  I only need to setup
a 2" bed (4 x 7kg bags) & not 3"-4"?

2) Initially this will still be a slow growth, low
light (110W PC or 1.5 wpg) & DIY CO2 tank until I have
money to upgrade.  I assume I should still do a proper
setup & put in an iron rich substrate, correct?

3) My plan is to use pure Flourite (thanks to previous
advices from this list), but should have no problem
using Onyx because tap water is <1GH & <1KH.  My final
choice will purely be based on total cost (ie cost for
X bags of Flourite vs Y bags of Onyx).  Is this logic

4) LFS in Vancouver, BC sells Flourite at Cdn$35/bag
so with 14.5% taxes & current exchange rate, it's
about US$30/bag.  Is that reasonable?  If not, does
anyone know where I can get it cheaper in the
Vancouver or maybe Seattle area?

Thanks a bunch,


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