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RE: Newbie Design (week 2 update)

I had the same experience and initial negative reaction regarding the fine
particles in Flourite, I waited it out as suggested by the group and it
settled and eventually reached the bottom of the tank where I can see it by
looking up from inside the tank stand at what's under the gravel. I also
found that once it settled, planting and moving things around didn't really
cause much mess so I'm very happy with it. In my second flourite tank I
washed it very very well, I used a metal strainer to wash and shake all the
particles out of the flourite a little bit at a time, it was a real pain in
the @$$ but it worked, I added the flourite to an established tank full of
water without making much of a mess at all. My only regret was all that nice
flourite dust that I ended up throwing away, I'm sure it would have served a
better purpose if it were sitting under the substrate. Next time I plan on
just rinsing it like the instructions say and being patient for the first
day or so until the dust has settled. BTW this was normal flourite, not red.
If it becomes a real issue for you, buy another bag, rinse it very well and
cover the fine particles with a new layer. I actually had to slow down the
current at first to allow the particles to settle to the bottom, I planted
immediately without any problems.

Regarding the CO2 bottle, I got mine from eBay but when I visited my local
fire extinguisher company to have it filled they were very nice and helpful
and showed me a room full of used tanks they use for demonstrations which
the guy said he would have sold to me for less than what I paid for my
cylinder. (I did get a free regulator with mine so in the end I paid very
little for it) It may be worth asking your local fire extinguisher company
if they have any used tanks for sale.

Hope that helps, I'm sure you'll love this stuff once it settles, the color
is awesome IMO.
Giancarlo Podio

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OMG Flourite Red is nasty stuff.

I thought I had rinsed it "good enough", but what a mess. Carpet, walls,
tank, all splattered and spattered.

The tank looked like it was full of 120g of chocolate milk afterwards. It
dissipated overnight (with the help of two Eheims and two big Emperors), but
the substrate became covered with a thick layer of fine silt which plugged
all the cracks between granules and made the floor look like one smooth
homogenous surface. I tried to vacuum it, but the water quickly became too
cloudy to see again. Plants are arriving today, but I am scared to plant,
because I know it will stir up the mess all over again.

If I let it go, will the fish eventually cause the silt to settle down
further into the substrate, so it isn't so much an issue anymore? Should I
take it all out and rinse it better? If I leave it and plant, will a fine
coating of Flourite dust hurt the plants (other than making them nice and
red, and blocking out some light)?

In other news, St. Patrick's of Texas Brewer Supply in Austin
(http://www.stpats.com) has new 5lb CO2 tanks for $65. Not sure how much
shipping is, but it seemed like a good deal to buy locally.