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Florida Plant Festival update

I have called around for lodging in the local area with most of the cheaper
national chains which folks can call, make reservations etc and locate
precise driving directions.

I'd like to get most folks in the same motel so folks can hang out together,
head for meals etc, trade weeds at night etc.
The motel is right off the freeway.

Motel 6 is about the cheapest place and the one here is nice and is close to
many stores/eateries, runs 36.99$ per night for single, 42.99 for doubles
and 3$ea for up to 4 people per room.

Now if you folks want to room together, 2- 21.50 ea per night, 4- 12.25$ per
night and kids under 17 are free. That's pretty darn cheap.

The number for reservations is 352-373-1604, dates: Aug 1st and 2nd.
I have not confirmed the group staying here but would like to know if this
seems good for folks or not.

If you are indeed going, please let me know. There are other motels around
that are close to this rate. Lunch will generally be group BBQ's and
breakfast and dinner will be on our own or with small groups depending on
the number of folks that attend. I think carpooling will allow us to get
folks to and from the locations relatively easily. Folks should be able to
buy food, lodging, canoe(16$ per day), tube(6-10$ a day) for about ~100$

Be there! 

Tom Barr