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Re: CO2 Cylinder Markings -- or- Can I pay you to chisel on my $80 Tank

This page has briefly describes compressed gas tank
(cylinder) markings -- All that stuff chiseled into the
surface of that tank you paid so much for.  Although this
was written for scuba divers, the DOT regs re compressed
gas tanks apply generally.


If you're really into it, you can go on-line and dig into
the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Part 178.35
through 178.46 (the DOT regulations regarding compressed
gas cylinders), as appropriate for your interest 


Amaze your aquatic gardener, scuba, and welder friends at
parties with your vast store of knowledge about the
markings on compressed gas cylinders.  ("'DOT 3AL'  Oh
yeah, that's a seamless aluminum tank, for sure.")

And if you ever wondered what that test looks like that has
to be done every five years on your CO2 cylinders, it looks
like this:


Now doesn't that look like it's worth $10 every five years?
;-)  And I bet you thought you a test had to involve a lot
of difficult questions  ;-) .


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