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Re: Herbicides

I'm taking this a little off-topic, but this is an interesting discussion...

On to DDT... I recall as a kid that the city I lived in regularly spraying
mosquitos with what was probably DDT. In fact, all we had to do was call and
report a mosquito problem and the truck would come right out. Most of the
time we called for no other reason than the fact that we enjoyed running in
the cloud behind the truck. I ran behind that truck alot (as if you hadn't
guessed already).

I lived in the area around Brighton/Henderson Colorado, just north of Denver
in the 80's. At that time, the Army Core of Engineers was monitoring wells
for excessive levels of nitrate from the farms in the vicinity. A cranial
problem was identified in babies that was linked to the nitrate. The opening
in the babies skulls was closing too soon, leading to brain damage. That got
their attention. When it affects the human population, it becomes attention