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Re: Herbiciding a Pond

I don't know if there is a good way to remove unwanted vegetation from a 
pond.   The draw down method sounds best to me, but that also has problems.

There are a lot of bad ways, like using Koi, for example, which are the same 
species as the  common German carp, except much prettier.  Once they got 
established in a pond they could cause a bigger problem than excessive 
vegetation, and after a few generations they wouldn't be pretty any more.

In defense of DDT, when it was first used in the '40's it was seen as a 
miracle chemical.  Its use saved tens of thousands of lives by reducing the 
population of malaria-spreading mosquitoes as well as many other harmful 
insects and pathogens.  There were no real alternatives to it, back then.

Since then we have learned about its effect on the environment and have come 
up with alternatives.  It is still used by the ton in parts of the developing 

BTW, Cavan, does membership in a group like the ADA or the Cato Institute or 
the NAACP or the Democratic party render a posting less useful or believable?

Disclaimer:  I am not a member of any of those organizations nor do I have a 
direct financial interest in any chemical manufacturer or distributor.  I do 
use herbicides to kill the plants that persist in growing in the cracks in my 
driveway and walkways.  It is much easier on my knees.