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re: eheim ecco 2233

Steve wrote:
>  Can I use the output off this filter to run a CO2 reactor?

The simplest CO2 reactor that you can hook up to the output of a canister
filter is the wide end of a gravel vacuum siphon.  You can probably find
one attached to the same diameter tubing as your Ecco uses, so it should
be easy to hook up.  Just bubble the CO2 into the gravel vacuum where it
will be trapped until it dissolves in the filter output.  As a bonus, it
should also greatly reduce turbulence.

I like to drill a hole in the gravel vacuum a couple of inches from the
top.  That way, if oxygen bubbles up into the tube, it can "burp" out
before the tube starts to float.


Nicholas Plummer
nplummer at duke_edu