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Evil Jobes Plant Spikes?

I've been using Jobe's Plant Spikes for Ferns and Palms for 18 months under my Swords, which usually keeps them happy. About six weeks ago, I did some long overdue maintenance on the tank, removing several large plants and disturbing the gravel big time. I estimate that I released a total one whole spike or more into the water column-actually, four or five semi-dissolved half spikes, which broke into zillions of pieces when they came out of the gravel.

Since then, I've been fighting the worst algae to ever hit my tank. It's been driving me crazy trying to pin down the cause. Finally during the last week, I see two mentions of how Jobe's Spikes can cause an algae explosion if released from the gravel. Oops...Water changes seem to have helped, but the tank still has a ways to go.

What can we use under swords to prevent this from happening in the future? I have 100% Flourite, which probably provides sufficient Iron for the root feeders (I dose iron as well). Is there a recommended substrate fertilizer that people have had good experiences with?