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Re: APD Format

Matt wrote:

> your PHP parser sounds fantastic. I have PHP-enabled hosting and
would be most eager to try it out.

I have kind of given up on this due to my hosting situation. The app is
finished, but my cheapo host doesn't allow crontab (scheduling of
application execution) and they run PHP in Safe Mode, meaning that I can't
store settings in flat files since I don't own the base directories. I would
have to store the "last message sent" and list emails for each user in a db.
I don't have a problem doing that, but combined with the fact that I don't
have an automated way to kick of the process that reads the site and sends
the mail, the rest is kind of useless. 

I might revisit this if I ever get a better host, but for right now,
$6.95/month, outweighs the lack of advanced functionality.