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RE: Glossostigma Query

Thanks to all who responded to my question!

- Eric Wahlig wondered whether I don't have too much light on my 33 gal.
(175 watt Metal Halide) 
It sounds like a lot, but I am using a strange light fixture. It is an
architectural wall-mount up/downlight (or "sconce"). I borrowed it from
work when I decided to rebuild my fluorescent canpoy. About a third to
half the bulbs output is directed up onto my kitchen ceiling, rather
than into my tank giving me 2.7 to 3.5 watts per gallon, rather than the
5.3 Eric calculated. So, my mistake, I should have been more clear on
the matter.

In the meantime, my gloss. is definitely growing. There are some yellow
leaves, but there are numerous beautiful tiny leaves appearing amongst
the bits of gravel. Also, I think the algae is on the wane. It is not
reducing in extent, but it doesn't appear to be thickening either. Do I
need to test for nutrient levels?  I have nerver tested for anything but
pH and hardness. Keeping a limited budget in mind, what is the best
place to start with nutrient tests? (That's a big question, I know. So
please feel free to link previous posts! I could search the archives,
but I think some of you might know better than I which posts are

- Antonio Trías pointed out that poor circulation can lead to
nutrient-depleted water.
I will investigate this. Thanks.

- To all those who are worried that I am starving my redline rasboras in
an attempt to get them to eat my algae: worry no more, they are now well
fed on bloodworms and flakes.

Thanks all.
_Matt Jarsky