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Re: Foreground plants -- Marsilea

Interesting article link Chuck - could run it thru a
webpage translator. I was never clear on the most accurate
names for Marsilea species kept in aquaria; Karen Randall
saw the Marsilea I keep in a local hobbyist's setup, and
called it "drummondii" at the time. 

I'd say that Greger's photos depict a very strong
resemblance to what I've grown (pic *

So I'm still curious as to the exact species name, but that
aside it is an excellent foreground alternative that does
fill in quite tightly, despite what many report. It is more
manageable than Glosso, in that it does not pile in the
same way that Glosso or Elatine do. It takes a little more
time to achieve this density. Very pretty leaves too, much
more individual character and variation. Great plant. The
"minuta" is very similar in looks, but leaves are about 1/4
to 1/3 the size of the aforementioned.

Erik Leung

Chuck H <grendel at usit_net> wrote:

Greger L. offered the idea of Marsilea hirsuta as a nice
foreground plant and more user friendly alternative to
Glossostigma elatinoides. He also wrote an article on
Marsilea for a Swedish Web site:


I enjoyed the photos, Greger...wish I knew Swedish.

M. hirsuta does indeed have a Glosso vibe in its immersed
form. This is a plant I would definitely like to try. I've
also been on the lookout for Marsilea minuta, which I think
is an Asian native. Does anyone know where M. hirsuta or M.
minuta can be purchased in the US? I've found M. minuta at
a wholesaler in California, but they won't sell to the
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee