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Re: Seachem Prime -- Kirk's tank

Kirk M. wrote:

I do have a rather heavy load of rainbows and congo tetras in the
tank.  They are not fully grown, but, I do feed rather heavily once to
twice per day.  That may account for it.

Ok, that makes sense. Since the fish + food seem to be providing a good bit of nitrate, you may not need any other nitrogen source. Time will tell. I tend to keep relatively light fish loads and a lot of hungry stem plants, so I have to dose regularly.

As far as my tap water, I haven't
tested it, nor have I tested my water during various parts of the day.

It's a good idea to get an analysis from your water co., but don't worry about testing it unless you want to -- I just thought that might be where the nitrate was coming from...I think you answered that question already. Don't worry about testing at various times of the day, either. Just test enough so that you can detect trends in uptake rates after making changes, etc. Keep a log of test readings. Doing so can reveal a lot about what's going on over time and help you weed out problems.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee