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Brown/Green Spot Algae


I would suggest increasing the co2 a bit. Drop your Ph to 6.8. My guess,
from my own tanks with similar experience, is that your co2 is too low and
the lighting and ferts aren't getting used up so the algae is moving in.
Like someone else said, increased water volume changes will help lesson any
ferts that have built-up too much, but the issue might be that the plants
aren't able to use the ferts too their fullest potential. I would also cut
the lighting time back to 10-hours. Doing both of these should eliminate if
not slow down the green spot algae.

Keep us posted to what works.


[[[[[....to see nice new, green leaves slowly get this brown dusty stuff all
them.  I am also getting what I'm guessing is spot algae, green in
color on the glass and some leaves.  I am injecting with C02. My
tank is 27 gallons with 72 watts of CF bulbs from AH Supply.  ph out
of the tap is oh 7.4 - 7.6.  dKH out of the tap is 13. 
Nitrates are 0.  Lights come on for 12 hours a day.  Right now
ph is 7.0 in tank.  Along with the C02 injection, I dose with
Seachem per instructions.  I have their plant supplement, trace,
iron, potassium, nitrogen, & phosphorous.  I'm keeping them in
business.  I change about 5 gallons of water a week.  About
20%.    Fish load isn't over stocked, but is at
capacity.  So by now you can understand I'm looking for advice on
slowing this brown & green spot algae down.]]]]]]