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Is it Baby's Tears?


I loved reading your note about collecting roadside plants. I do the same
thing to my family. When we're at the beach I have the kids helping me rip
up milfoil that's taking over some of the lakes up here in Maine. My wife
asks me why the cooler is heavier when we leave the beach than when we
arrive. I explain that all the juice bottles filled with great looking sand
is heavier than the colored juice water we arrived with. In the early Spring
I drive by streams wondering if the water is still too cold to stand in
while I dig up heaps of silt in search for limpets. (Soon Cavan soon, I was
itching to dig for some this weekend. Or was it Adam, that wanted some
limpets? Hmmmm?) I've even been seen at the base of Mount. Washington,
standing below one of the bridges collecting some submerged moss under the
rocks and placing them into ziplock bags. I too have a set of waders hanging
on the wall at home. There not used for fishing, but plant collecting. I
also have a stash of ziplock bags or water bottles for collecting specimens.