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Glossostigma Query (again)


I'm setting up a 10G with some a bit of glosso. I've noticed this fine slimy
stuff starting to cover my gravel and collect around my glosso. The glosso
is growing good, but this slime seems to be increasing. Here are my
thoughts; first, I'll try and take some digi-picts tonight to post, since
pictures speak a thousand words. Second, I think you have too much lighting
as I do. I'm just getting this tank started and I'm using a 46watt PC about
10" above the water and the glosso is about 5" below the surface. My water
circulation is good. The only other plants I have in the tank at this time
are some beautiful Anubias from Wilma Duncan, some java moss, and
sagittaria. The sagittaria seems fine with the high light, but the algae is
all over the java moss, and I'm getting algae on the anubias leaves. The
anubias are extremely healthy and I know the only time I get algae on
anubias plants is when I've got to much light on them. I can shake most of
the algae off the java moss, and 'wave' it away from the glosso and from on
top the rocks. I'm going to cut my lighting back, since I don't need that
much and don't have enough plants in there to use it all. If I were you I'd
try cutting back on your lighting. Maybe you too, don't have enough of a
plant load to use all that light so the algae is using it instead. Just my

I'll try cutting my light load, take some digi-picts tonight and let you
know how my experiment goes.