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Foreground plants

A litte while ago there was some questions about foreground plants.
I'd like to make my contribution by suggesting Marselia hirsuta.
Yesterday I finally got around to take a few shots with a lended digicamera and wrote a short article on Marselia.
It's in swedish but if you can't enjoy the text you could have a look at the pics instead. They are clickable to enlarge them.
The pics and article can be viewed here: http://www.hjortgatanszoo.se/main/default/default.cfm?navID=278

IMHO Marselia hirsuta is a better choice than Glosso if you have a little patience. It doesn't spread as fast as Glosso but is far easier to maintain. The reason for this is that it's runners spread entierly undergravel and is not as easily uprooted as Glosso. It forms a tighter matt than Glosso and stays closer to the gravel. Wherefore it don't collect as much mulm and food leftovers. It stands vacuming very well and I usually don't get much out of it. The leaves are thicker and withstands mechanical damage to a great degree.
Marselia hasn't got the same light colour as Glosso but as Erick Young (did I get that name right?) has shown in his wonderful pictures earlier, it has a wonderful shimmering deep green coloration (that barely shows in my pics).
The best thing is that it don't stretch for the light as soon as it is overshadowed by other plants if the tank is as well lit as you need for Glosso growth. It can also thrive in lower lit tanks.
There is one drawback with Marselia hirsuta which is common for most of the Marselias. It is delivered to you in it's overwater form, which is a four leaf clover on long thin stems. If you are not aware of this at the time of purchase, you will likely call the dealer and complain. It just does not look like the plant you thought you bought. It is also highly likely that the plant looks awful when it arrives. It's very delicat and breaks and gets bruses easily in the handeling.
When planted in the tank it has to make the transition into the underwater growth form. During this time it is likely that you give up hope and want to throw it out if you are not informed of its behavior. This is normal and you will soon see the new shoots comming up, at which time you can cut off the overwater growth stems and begin to enjoy your Marselia.
So, my suggestion to those of you who don't have enough light for Glosso or just aren't prepared for the high maitenance Glosso demands, try Marselia hirsuta.
Oh yes, The pics are from a tank with a temperature of 28°C. I have another tank with 21°C and it fairs just as well there.

For the pond ppl. out there: You might have used Marsilea schelpiana instead to help keep slopes and pond edges in place. There are several different choices for ponds.

If any of you have tried Marselia hirsuta before; I'm intrested to read your experiences here on APD.

I got mine from Tropica (thru a Swedish dealer). I suppose Tropica has dealers in the states and elswhere so it should be readdily avaliable I imagine.