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Re: Seachem Prime

Flourish Nitrogen (approx. 3 mL, 2x per week)

Using the "expert" formula on the label, and using your tank volume approximation of 60gal, that would be the equivalent of 1 / ((0.05 * 60) / 3) = 1ppm NO3 each dose. So, you're adding the equivalent of 2ppm nitrate each week. That's doubtfully enough and also doesn't seem to jibe well with the 8ppm you mentioned above. Some discrepancy can be attributed to testing error and the estimation of water volume, but a 6ppm gap seems wider than those things can account for. Do you have nitrate in your tap water or big/numerous fish (i.e., lots of nitrification)? Does the nitrate level go down from day to day or does it seem to be building up?


I do have a rather heavy load of rainbows and congo tetras in the tank. They are not fully grown, but, I do feed rather heavily once to twice per day. That may account for it. As far as my tap water, I haven't tested it, nor have I tested my water during various parts of the day. I agree with your statement that Seachem's product can get pricey with large and multiple aquaria, so I am considering trying out the PMDD soon. I will run the above tests and let you know. THANKS!

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