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RE: APD format

>Once again, I recommend finding a "burster" plug-in 

FYI, I am developing two apps for parsing the APD web page and sending
individual emails. I wrote the first one in PERL, but then found that my
host didn't have LWP::Simple installed (in plain English that my host lacked
the ability to retrieve and parse web pages with PERL). I rewrote it in PHP,
but haven't quite finished yet. They both work, but currently only send mail
to me. I plan on adding a user interface for "subscribing" to the mail
sender. It will poll the monthly index page every few minutes, and send any
new posts in individual messages to the people who register to receive them.

I will probably have this ready early next week. If you are interested in
testing it out, or you want the source code (requiring a web server with
PERL or PHP to use), email me privately, and I will let you know of the link
when it is ready for testing.

Also accepting trades for professional Internet development of all types ;)