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Seachem Prime

About a month ago, I switched dechlorination products. I had previously been using Tetra Aqua. I am now using Seachem Prime, and have noticed a few changes and am wondering if the Prime has anything to do with it. My plant growth has slowed markedly, and I was wondering if the Prime is removing all of my supplements as well as the chlorine/chloramine. I use Seachem's Flourish Potassium, Iron, Trace, and Nitrogen supplements. I was using regular Flourish as well, but, it seems algae starts to take a foothold when I do use it. I put either Jobe's plant sticks or flourish tabs in the substrate every 2 months. Most noticeably, my Amazon Swords are turning yellow, and I can even see a SLIGHT twinge of yellow in the anubias. Everything else has normal colors, but, are just growing very slowly now. Any ideas? I have not changed the lighting schedule, the CO2 injection rate, or anything else of that nature. Thanks!

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