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Re: Clean Anubias leaves

GL asked about how to get clean Anubias leaves.
Not too difficult. PO4 has a fair amount to do with it and stable
conditions/high CO2. Even right under MH's, the plants did well but are a
bit lighter in color. My Anubias on a corked back tank did well and seldom
had much if any green spot even though the tank had close to 8 sq ft of
Anubias attached. I'd trim an occasional leaf or two, but they grow back
fairly fast if you are giving the plants what they want.

Stable conditions really help some plants and this one is a good one for
that notion. Old dead, half dead leaves are not much use to a plant. Some
plants drop the leaf, some remove what nutrients they can leaving holes,
ugly yellow leaves that slowly die etc. These leaves are a drain on the
plant and often "leak". A healthy actively growing plant is less likely to
lose it's leaves or have leaky leaves. Leaves don't last forever although
many Anubias leaves do seem to last a very long time.

Even Amano's tanks have plants with green spot that you can see in some of
the photo's. 

Another way to get rid of green spot and other algae, grow the plants in
terrariums and then return them to the tank a few months/days/weeks later.
They algae will die, the plants will grow great and you will not have to
trim the leaves, nor potentially burn the plant with bleach etc.

Tom Barr