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>Do you belong to a local aquarium society?  That's agreat way to get decent
money for your plants (and
>find some for yourself).  My club is a general one,but there is a good
market for plants that are generally >considered easy (java ferns, crypts,
etc). The only reason I haven't ripped out out all my Vallisneria is that I
>can get $2 a plant in our auctions.  
>I share or trade away most of the more demanding stuff to people on the
list and so on.  I agree though, >some places don't give you much for plants
  One store wanted to give me 30 cents per val because that's >what they
paid for them.  Never mind that mine were about 3' instead of 4" tall!  I
took some to a different
>place and got $2 per plant.  I suggest you keep looking or find a local
club if you aren't already in one.  
Thanks for the input Cavan...  I've learned to cope with my frustration
thanks to all the kind and sincere replies to my rant!!!  Thanks everyone!
I really just needed to get rid of those plants in a hurry.  One of those
things.  I usually have a source for my clippings,  Sometimes it's the trash
bin.... most times not.
There aren't many clubs in my local vicinty.... living in Los Angeles that
has always bewildered me somewhat.  I would love to bring my plants into an
auction from time to time almost as much as I would enjoy purchasing plants
at an auction....  Maybe someday.
Thanks again for your reply.

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