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Re: Bacteria and the Nitrification Cycle

It was said that   << Denitrification bacteria in a normal aquarium can only 
function in an anaerobic environment, and since the filter is aerobic, the 
only place
 they will function is in an anaerobic substrate.  >>

I don't think so.  At least some of the bacteria that convert ammonia to 
nitrates require an aerobic environment.  That's why undergravel biological 
filters work (for a while) and why sponge filters are so effective at 
removing ammonia.  Both circulate oxygenated water past bacteria.

An aquarium without anything but oxygenated water - no filters, no substrate 
- will also build up a colony of nitrifying bacteria and be capable of 
reducing ammonia.  Because of the limited places for the bacteria to anchor, 
however, it won't be able to convert very much.