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Glossostigma Query (again)

I posted this with my last message which also included some further thoughts
on the digest/non-digest debate. Since my posts on that subject are, in the
main, being ignored, I thought I had better re-post under separate cover if
I hoped to receive any advice.

Here is my Glossostigma query:
My field of glosso. is now planted in my 33 gal. tank under a 175 watt metal
halide fixture with DIY CO2. The glosso and the gravel around it is covered
by a thin layer of slimy pale green algae. The glosso seems to be growing
under there, which is good, but how do I rid myself of the algae? I have
heard of blasting the algae with a turkey baster, but I can't see doing that
without uprooting a lot of the glosso. Any advice?

Also, I have 15 redline rasboras. I have noticed that they will eat floating
bits of algae that fill the water after I clean the glass. I have stopped
feeding them in the hope that they will begin eating the algae directly off
the glosso and gravel. Is this likely?