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Re: Re: Newbie Design (week 1 update)

>>Substrate Heating - I know this is a can of worms. I have read about the
expensive way, the DIY way, the BioPlast way. I know that it supposedly
helps. I haven't really seen any controlled experiments showing how much.
What I am mainly wondering about is whether BioPlast works, and whether
anyone has successfully done total DIY for a ~120g tank? I am a little leery
about sticking homemade electric wires in a tank full of water, and the
expense of the commercial products is way too restrictive. If it's really
important, makes a noticeable difference, and I can do it for under $100, I
can probably add the money to the budget. <<

You're talking about the Bioplast heating cable that connects to a regular
water heater as the control? I don't know how effective they really are, but
I do know they are designed for much smaller tanks than 120 gallons. I
wouldn't bother with them. Spend that money on fish, better lighting, and a
good C02 system that you can trust.

Robert Paul Hudson