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re: Learning from others' errors

Sorry about your loss.  I know how bad it feels to
lose the creatures you take care of.

1 bubble per second seems not to be very much co2. 
Makes me wonder if something else happened.  How big
is your tank?  Is your water extremely soft?  How
often are your water changes?

Sometimes when you mess with valves and such,
something can happen down the line and you notice that
there is much more co2 going in than you intended. 
For instance, if you have your co2 off for a while,
water may siphon into your co2 line.  You restart your
co2, briefly observe its rate, and then leave.  A few
minutes later, as the system equilibrates, you
suddenly have much more co2 than you thought entering
the tank.  Just some ideas.


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