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Re: I think I committed a sin.....

At 05:49 AM 5/15/2003, fish7days wrote:

My tap water is usually around pH 8 unmodified. If I use that, with just
Amquel, the pH drops off to about neutral over a few weeks with fish. I
recently started using DIY CO2 and the pH seems to have stabilized at 6.0 -
6.2 depending on the time of day. I had the bright idea to use Kent Neutral
Controller 7.0 in an effort to raise the pH a little. After adding 5
teaspoons over the course of an hour, I realized it is loaded with
phosphates. In that lies the sin.....

How would I best stabilize or buffer the pH in the future, assuming I do a
radical water change? I have not yet measured the KH or GH or dissolved CO2.

The CO2 test kit is on the way, and I guess the pH/KH relationship is now
not too valid, due to the phosphates.

What is wrong with ph 6-6.2?

Do weekly water changes, keep the CO2, and toss the chemicals. If the pH is dropping a point or more just from fish activity, you really need to change your water more often!

The additional benefit is that once you flush out the buffer, you won't need the CO2 test kit. pH and KH will tell you everything. Exchange the test kit for more plants.