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Re: repost small life forms

A better description might help in identifying what you
have. From worms to shrimps is pretty vague.

>I pulled it out of the tank with some debris and found some
small animals ranging from worms to shrimp.
where? on the shrimp or in the debris? Does the filter
contain more of these "life forms"? If so they are probably
feeding on your filter biota (bacteria, protozoans, rotifers
etc). Many types of "life forms" will fit this description.
If the shrimp was dead or dieing they would be feasting on
it, but if it was alive and healthy it is highly improbable
that it would carry so much possible parasites without
dropping dead anyway!

>Should I be concerned with the small life forms.
If the other shrimps look OK; Probably not. There is nothing
much you can do anyway.



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