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RE: APD format & Glossostigma Query

APD Format, re Scott Hieber's remarks:
I agree with most of what you said, but I don't see any increased cost to
making the APD available in both Digest & Non-Digest formats. Whatever bit
of software is used to run the APD is almost certainly capable of dealing
out messages in both formats. We shouldn't have to choose one or the other
across the board, the choice should be up to the individual user.

Glossostigma Query:
My field of glosso. is now planted in my 33 gal. tank under a 175 watt metal
halide fixture with DIY CO2. The glosso and the gravel around it is covered
by a thin layer of slimy pale green algae. The glosso seems to be growing
under there, which is good, but how do I rid myself of the algae? I have
heard of blasting the algae with a turkey baster, but I can't see doing that
without uprooting a lot of the glosso. Any advice?

Also, I have 15 redline rasboras. I have noticed that they will eat floating
bits of algae that fill the water after I clean the glass. I have stopped
feeding them in the hope that they will begin eating the algae directly off
the glosso and gravel. Is this likely?