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APD format -- or - Many Modern Major Model Modal Preferences

Batch mode. Single post delievery?  It's not as if one is
inherently better than the other.  Each has advantages and
disadvantages -- sort of like everyone doesn't want to
drive the same kind of automobile.  So what?

Votes are being cast and not just by those posting on APD,
but also by those not posting.

Some like one mode.  Some like the other.  Some don't like
either one and prefer a bulletin board type set up --
presorted categories, scan, read, post immediate replies
with one click.  (No, the web site listings are not like a
bulletin board, not in the ways that make bulletin boards
attractive to  a lot of users).

I'd like to think that the quality of the content
determines how many use a list. But I suspect that modal
preferences make a big difference on how many use it. And
of course, how many has an impact on the variety and
freshness of content, the interest to readers, and in turn
then the number and variety of users . . .

I don't know if resources are available for other modes,
but the list will probably be better off, long term, if so.
 Other modes fit other needs, and if APD doesn't fit them,
other places will (in fact are) -- I prefer one-stop
shopping but I know it isn't always affordable.

Scott H.

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