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Re: Newbie Designs and disrespected substrates

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> From: Roger Miller <roger at spinn_net>

> The ultimate low tech tank gets enough natural light to grow
plants.  For
> that  tank the list is very short:
> 1. occupants
> 2. substrate

Can you go slower, please, I'm trying to take notes!  <g>

> nutrients, so fertilizer is optional and isn't needed in many
tanks.  If the
> light on this kind of setup is very bright then thorough aeration
> essential.  Without good aeration the CO2 level in a brightly lit
tank will
> drop to 0 and the pH will go to 9 or more.  Those are hostile
conditions for

um, I'm not following this. I have 2 x 65watt 10k PC flors over a
50gal which looks pretty bright to me. I do not use any aeration.
Surface turbulence is minimal, barely a ripple. pH appears to stay
stable at 6.8. I need to lower the suggested setting on my CO2
device because at suggested levels growth is just too fast for me to
keep up with. (Also, I thought you lost CO2 with aeration due to gas
exchange?) None of the fish ever shows any discomfort with the
Oxygen levels day or night.  What am I not understanding here?