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Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #156

Well, since non-digest mode is currently unavailable, may I suggest that it
be made available? I have to admit that I read few of the messages on this
list because it's too much of a pain to scroll through a single large
message to find them. I only do it when the topic is REALLY interesting.
And, if the sender forgot to change their subject from "Re:Aquatic Plants
Digest V6 #133," they've got NO CHANCE AT ALL of me bothering to see what
they wrote.

Additionally, I still use an old DOS offline e-mail reader. I'm a sysop on
Fishnet and it makes it way easier to participate there, do my forum
duties, and retrieve e-mail-- all on autopilot-- so I'm not planning to
change until they pry TAPCIS from my cold, dead keyboard. :) Anyway, the
program has something like a 24,000 character limit in a single message, so
many of the digests don't even come to me as an e-mail message, but are
large enough to get kicked off into a separate directory as a TXT file.
It's even more of a pain to track them down.

Non-digest mode would sure be nice, and the traffic here is light enough
that I can't see how it would create a problem for anyone.

Mike Wickham