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Re:Do substrates get any respect?-- Do they all deserve it?

> . . .I
> used a flourite and florabase mix in an attempt to
> provide the best planting
> medium, which I figured was the highest priority. . .
> I'm just curious because it seems like
> people have to go to
> a lot of trouble, and over time spend even more money and
> effort, just
> because their substrate doesn't deliver what the plants
> need.

I think you'll find the Fluorite, an dnot inexpensive
substrate is quite often touted onthe this list, not jsut
for it's color but how well it serves plants.

Florabase supposedly has some ferts added into to it during
manufacture and according to the manufacturer, when these
are depleted in about a year, your should replace the
substrate.  NO kidding, that was what the manufacturer
said.  Later realizing how silly that was, it changed to
saying you should add supplements (fertilizers) to
revitalize the Florabase.

Welcome to the world of fertilizers and sales pitches 
:-\  .

Florabase is new.  Please keep us posted on how it performs
over the short and long term.

If you are running a slow growth tank, even dirt can be
used as a supplement to provide much if not all of what you
need in addition to fish food.  And it will last longer
than a year.  Much longer.

Scott H.

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