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I have a bad case of worms! ; )

Good day to everyone! I was sitting by my 20 gallon the other day when it appears that there is a colony of worms hanging out by the driftwood. I noticed them a little bit ago and thought nothing of it since there were only a couple, but now it seems to be quite a mess now that there are so many (over 10 in a 5 inch square). They do not appear to be harming anything in the tank (only inhabitants are plants and 2 shrimp/ algae lawnmowers) but the piles of 'substrate' they eat off the bottom and deposit over the gravel is becoming excessive. Those same piles have been in the 90 gallon since I set it up but I have never seen them in action. They have a real tendency to burrow in the thick of plants rather than out in the open but again, no evidence of root damage. I am convinced they came in with the substrate and transferred tanks with some plants. Any ideas on:
1) Identifying them (can be described as whitish/ pink up to 4 to 6 inches long... look like the worms on the pavement after it rains down in Houston... not nightcrawlers)
2) Potential hazards/ benefits they present
3) How to manage the population?

Thanks very much and have a great green (or red if that is what you are growing) day!

Mike Wright

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