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re: Do substrates get any respect?

> what do I know? I'm just curious because it seems 
> like people have to go to
> a lot of trouble, and over time spend even more 
> money and effort, just
> because their substrate doesn't deliver what the 
> plants need.

Let me tell you why:

Nobody is growing the most difficult plants without
light, co2, and fertilizers.  Can you grow many plants
in a tank with no co2 and virtually no fertilizers? 
Yes.  But you will not have a vibrant, pearling
Amano-esque aquascape.  You will also be frustated
when you acquire plants, and they dwindle and die.

The reason substrates are lower on my priority list is
because people have had success with many, many
different substrates.  Everything from dirt, to quart
gravel, to kitty litter, to profile/Turface, to the
expensive stuff, etc.

Substrates are more forgiving.  Lack of light, co2 and
fertilizer is not forgiving.

I would be interested to hear if anyone is growing
difficult plants at a reasonable pace in tanks that do
not employ any macros or micros.  I doubt it.


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