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Re:non-digest mode available?

Non digest mode is available on the web. Go to the aquatic plants mailing list, http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/ and go to "this month's messages". There you will see all the messages, with the most recent at the bottom of the list. You can click on any one of the individual messages and read each separately.

However, if you want to reply, you have to go to your email application and open up one of the digests. First copy the message on your web browser to which you want to reply. Then go to your email application, open up one of the digests, and then reply to it. Delete the entire text of the digest and paste in the message copied from your browser and then reply to that. The subject will automatically be set at , "re: aquatic Plants Digest V6 # xxx, and so you should change that to reflect the subject you are talking about.

I think that receiving digests once or twice a day is better than receiving each message separately as email. Archiving the digests is easier. Think of separating 20 or so messages every day from all the spam!
Paul Krombholz in cool, sunny, dry central Mississippi