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re: Non-digest mode available?

Mike Wickham asked whether this list is available in a "normal" non-digest
format. The answer is "no."

I too find the digest format annoying and I brought it up when last I was a
member (for a year, about a year ago). I was quickly given the kibosh. The
reasons given were that it was more work for those who run the list, too
much server traffic and that it leads to too many snappy and unhelpful

I can't really say whether the first 2 are true or not, but it seems
unlikely to me that one kind of mailing list is all that much more work than
another. On the third point, I can see a grain of truth, but I think it
would be balanced by the ability to post 'emergency' questions: ie "My fish
are flicking themselves against my gravel! What do I do?" Also, folks on
here seem entirely capable of handling themselves in a mature and sociable
fashion. With these factors in mind I'll second Mike's motion, because I do
think the digest-only format is stifling and slow.