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Re: Crypts on Driftwood

I run an LFS and have both seen and grown crypts on driftwood. No, not Java, Windelov, Tropica,
Bolbitis or any other variety of fern... although it does suit me fine. But it's a situation more akin to
Anubias growth, lots of roots. It does best in my experience if placed into some of the deeper crevices, with some periodic placing of Flourish Tabs (or the like) at its roots or if given enough depth, even some substrate. No, I've never even tried the ol' tie down on the smooth branch style driftwood,
but given said nooks and crannies, it does just fine. As a matter of fact one of the best crypt/driftwood plantings I've seen is in our Seachem rep Scott's Discus Tank at home. Not often you get to see Wendtii, Undulates, Walkerii and the like being used as a background plant.